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I went to the ER with chest pains. I was given an EKG immediately after Check-in and was then told to go back out to the waiting room and wait.

I was registered @ 1:30am and was told again to go back to the waiting room and wait to be called I was eventually called about an hour later. In that time I was fortunate enough to see the staff berating a man saying they unregistered him because he walked out of the ER twice. He adamantly denied this and after belittling him for 15 minutes it turned out they were wrong and he had never been taken to the back. The story changed to he did not respond when called.

I was there for over an hour and never heard his name called. This should have been my first clue that this was going to be a long night. After finally being called back I was put in a room where my wife and I sat for over 45 minutes without anyone coming in even though we could hear all the nurses laughing and talking right outside my room. My wife finally stepped out to ask if someone was going to see me.

A nurse said she would be right in as soon as she could.. 15 minutes later she did come in and took my information, hooked up the heart monitor and took my vitals. Eventually blood was taken and I was taken down for a chest X-ray. 1/2 hour after my X-ray I had to remind them that I needed to have my monitor hooked back up.

Now it is 5am and still no doctor, still no communication as to what is going on. My wife went out to ask how much longer until I would be seen. The nurse, who was polite, came in and told me my EKG and blood work were good and she was waiting on the Doctor to read the X-ray. She said there was only one doctor on staff and could not tell me when I would be seen.

Still waiting at 5:30am. When asked what was going on we were told that they would get the supervisor to come in.

6:00am nurse supervisor comes in and tells us how sorry they are but after talking to the only doctor that she could still not tell me when I would be seen.

With that information I decided I would rather die at home then dying in the observation room waiting on a doctor and had them remove the IV and left.

When you go to the Emergency room or is understood that you will be prioritized. However, staffing one doctor to cover means that if you have two critical patients one of them is going to die. It is mind boggling that there would be only be one doctor to cover without having a plan to call in support.

I was told that there was 20 ER patients handed off to the night shift staff.

Why in the world would there not have been another doctor called in. 6 HOURS SITTING IN THE ER WITH CHEST PAINS AND NEVER GOT TO SEE A DOCTOR.

Let that sink in for am minute!!

Worst ER experience ever!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Virtua Hospital Emergency Service.

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