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I had to take ambulance to hospital because im 8 months pregnant and was having contractions. They had to run an IVand give me fluids because i was so dehydrated.i found out that my abcest was causing the contractions...after my fluids were done i had to go down to ER..

to get antibiotics for my abcessed tooth.. I have been sitting for many hours waiti g for lagistic care to pick me up...i asked how much longer i have to wait and the head nurse came out and said it was going to be awhile..she was very rude. I asked politely for something to drink as i have not eaten anything since i have been here also havent had any fluids for a few hours. The head nurse was very sarcastic and rude with speaking to me..i understand that they are busy, but i should still be treated with respect and spoken to properly.

How she spoke to me was very unprofessional.

This happened at 11:46 pm .. 9/10/2015

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i know exactly how you feel and then some. virtua extremely unprofessional for such an important life saving institution.

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